About tikki

The world is constantly evolving. Communication has become easier than ever and people are more connected than ever before. So why is it that we still stick to the traditional form of calling and texting our family, friends and business associates, racking up bills and causing frustration? Why do we use applications that require us to have a constant internet connection, putting us at a disadvantage? Why do we accept that communicating with some areas in the world just isn’t an option because of a lack of proper infrastructure?

tikki was born as an answer to all of those questions. We want to make communication easier, faster and cheaper for the entire world. We want to give people the freedom to choose when and how to speak to their contacts. We want to spread the ability to communicate much further than where it is today.

More than that, we want to put communication back in the hands of the user, wherever they choose to live, or whoever they choose to call.

By combining our technology, our experience and our passion for open human interaction, we introduce to you tikki.

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