Getting started with tikki couldn’t be easier. Just sign up for an account, purchase your first credits and get calling. Your account connects directly to your personal mobile number or the virtual number of your choice and allows you to call mobile lines or landlines around the world.

Use tikki straight from your mobile, through the app, or through the web version, if that’s more convenient. Dial the number you want to call on the keypad, just like you would on a regular call, and you’ll be immediately connected. While you need an internet connection, it doesn’t need to be high-speed and the receiver of your call doesn’t have to be online at all. Remember, if you’re calling another tikki user, your call is absolutely free!

tikki makes it easy to pay for your calls. Whether you want to pay by credit card or through a pre-paid coupon, settling your calling costs is made as convenient for you as possible. Just select your preferred method and dial away.

What is a Virtual Number?

tikki gives you the option of choosing a personal virtual number, also known as a DDI, from anywhere in the world, allowing those that call you from that location to do so at local rates. So for example, if you live in India, but you have clients in London, you can purchase a virtual UK number they can call you on for nothing more than a local call. If you choose to call your clients from your virtual number you will be charged from your personal credit account.
Additionally, a virtual number puts you in control of which number shows up on the receiver’s caller ID. By default, Caller ID will be your main phone number, but you can choose for it to appear as any of the virtual numbers you have purchased. This gives you additional privacy and helps you organize your contacts, business and personal, whichever way you like

What is a Virtual Number?

You don’t necessarily need a virtual number, but it does have its benefits. From a professional point of view, if you are traveling or want to conduct business remotely but would prefer your clients not know that, a virtual number can give you the appearance you’re looking for. From a personal point of view, your virtual number will keep your personal number private, if you prefer your caller not have it registered as a contact.

Do you want to become a tikki reseller?

tikki has resellers around the world. While the service is available worldwide through online registration, not everyone has the luxury of a direct connection. Through our resellers, tikki extends its service to a wider worldwide community. To become a reseller, all you have to do is request to become one. Once you’re accepted, you’ll receive tikki’s specialized software that has been designed to be accessible and easy for anyone to use. tikki’s resellers will then receive an allocated commission based on each minute used to call by his/her customers. We view our resellers as our global representatives, giving them access to a mutually beneficial business model that can offer endless advantages to you. If you’d like to become a reseller, click on the button below to fill out the request form. We look forward to working with you.


Getting started with tikki couldn’t be easier. Just sign up for an account, purchase your first credits and get calling. Your account connects directly to your personal mobile number or the virtual number of your choice and allows you to call mobile lines or landlines around the world.

Using tikki is easy. You can sign up for your free account through the desktop version or download the app (Android & iOS) and sign up there. Once you’ve got your account setup, purchase credit with our Pay As You Go option or select a Tikki calling plan and you’ll be ready to get calling and start saving!

You can sign up to tikki for free either through our website or by downloading the application. To sign up through the website, click here. You will then be asked to select your country, enter your personal phone number and submit your name, surname, and e-mail address. Finally, complete the robot test and click submit. Your password will then be sent directly to your phone via SMS.

tikki works as long as you have an internet connection. It doesn’t have to be high-speed, but you do have to be connected. The person you’re calling doesn’t have to be connected at all though! You can use tikki on both Android and iOS devices.

tikki-to-tikki calling is also known as free calling or on-net calling. With tikki-to-tikki calling, you can benefit from free calls between fellow users.

No, we only allow one account per phone number.

You can instantly start using tikki once you’ve registered and verified your account.

When you sign up to tikki, you’ll receive your password via SMS on your phone. If you’ve lost or forgotten your password, you can reset it on the website.

Yes, tikki accounts expire after six months of inactivity. If you’d like to keep it active just make a call, send an SMS, make a credit transfer or buy some credit. If your account does permanently expire, you’ll lose any remaining credits – sorry!

No. As long as your account is active your credits are safe! Calling plans do, however, expire, one month after their authorization.

We hope you’ll enjoy using Tikki, but if you decide it’s not for you – we’ll be sad to see you go. There are no contracts or cancellation penalties, so you can stop using the service at anytime and your account will expire after 6 months of inactivity. However, if you would like to permanently close your account, please contact one of our representatives to do so for you.


Caller ID or caller identification is the number that appears on your friends’, family’s and business contacts’ phone when you call them.

By default, the phone number that you used to subscribe to tikki will appear as your caller ID.

Yes, you can set the caller ID to be your phone number, keep it private, or if you have a virtual number, then you can set it to show up instead of your personal number. You can customize your caller ID in the settings tab.

An SMS is usually limited to 160 characters if it is written using Latin-based characters. If you’re using a non-Latin script, such as Arabic, then the SMS will be limited to 70 characters.

Of course you can, just remember that your character limits change according to the language you’re using: 160 for Latin-based scripts and 70 for non-Latin.

A virtual number (also referred to as a DDI number) is a telephone number that can be forwarded to voice-over-IP. When you purchase your tikki virtual number, all incoming calls to this number will ring through your tikki app.

With tikki virtual numbers, you are no longer tied to a phone number from your area code. You can choose any available international virtual number from anywhere in the world. For example, if you live in Kuwait and your family or business partners live in London, you can get a virtual number from London and your family or business partners can call you on your London virtual number and you receive the calls on your tikki app in Kuwait.

Yes, this function allows you to forward calls from your virtual number to a landline or mobile phone, without the need for a PC, internet, or VoIP. You can always log in to your account and change the call forwarding number. Just make sure that the number is entered in the country code + city code + number format.

When you buy a virtual number and forward it to a landline or mobile number, you pay for termination fees. The termination fees are charged on a per minute basis according to the prices listed here.

Call forwarding, or call diversion, is a feature that redirects an incoming call on your tikki app to another destination, which may be, for example, a mobile phone, voicemail box or another telephone number where the person you are calling is available.

With call forwarding, you’ll never miss a call. If you are expecting a call on your tikki app or virtual number and you’re not able to answer or you’re offline, you can forward the call to a mobile or landline of your choice at low per minute rates.

You can control call forwarding from the app by going to settings and then to the call forwarding settings

Call transfer is a feature that enables a user to relocate an existing telephone call to another phone using a transfer button and dialing the required phone number.

To transfer an outgoing call:

  • Dial the number first
  • Click on Call
  • When the called party answer, click on Transfer
  • Dial the second number
  • Click on Transfer


To transfer an incoming call:

  • Click on Answer
  • Dial a number
  • Click on Transfer

A call may be placed on hold, in which case the connection is not terminated but no verbal communication is possible until the call is removed from hold.

While on call press on the Call Hold button.

Voicemail is a method of storing voice messages electronically for later retrieval by intended recipients. Callers leave short messages that are stored on digital media.


We offer great rates around the world. Our rates are the same regardless of the country you're calling from. Rates are based on the country you're calling to. You can check our current rates by clicking here.

Yes, rates do occasionally change. Sometimes, international internet calls can fluctuate in price. Please click here to check our current rates

Our SMS rates are really competitive and it doesn’t matter where you’re sending it from – only where you’re sending it to. Check our current rates by clicking here.

Yes, they do occasionally fluctuate. Click here to check our current rates.


Pay As You Go credit allows you to call and text any destination worldwide by purchasing credits, as you need them. This credit will never expire as long as your account is active. Click here to check our Pay As You Go rates.

A calling plan is suitable for heavy users who need to call a specific destination. A calling plan offers you a certain number of minutes to the country or countries of your choice (e.g., 1000 minutes to India) at a better rate than a Pay As You Go rate. Keep in mind all calling plans expire one month of their purchase. If you need to contact numbers worldwide, then Pay As You Go credits are probably a better choice for you.

First, you should buy credits and then buy the desired plan from your balance.

Yes – many users have both calling plans and Pay As You Go credits because in general they mostly call one country in specific, but they like the option of being able to call countries outside their plan.

No. As long as your account is active your credits will remain.

Yes, the calling plans expire in two cases:

  • If all the remaining minutes have been used
  • If 90 days have elapsed since your calling plan was authorized

No, the remaining minutes will not carry over to next month

Transferring credits to another tikki account couldn’t be easier. Just log into your account on the web or from the app and enter the recipient’s phone number, choose the amount and click or tap on the transfer button. Keep in mind that you can only transfer Pay As You Go credits - plans can’t be transferred.


We like to make it as convenient as possible for you, so just choose which method suits you best!

On the website, you can pay by:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • PayPal

On Android devices:

  • Google In-app purchase
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • PayPal

On iOS devices:

  • Apple In-app Purchase

Coupons are codes that allow you to gain instant credits to your account or a discount percentage when buying credits. Coupon codes are granted to you in different ways. Whenever you receive one, in an event, a promotional campaign or even from a local shop, you can go to tikki website or application and redeem it.

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