Do you want to become a tikki reseller?

tikki has resellers around the world. While the service is available worldwide through online registration, not everyone has the luxury of a direct connection. Through our resellers, tikki extends its service to a wider worldwide community.

To become a reseller, all you have to do is request to become one. Once you’re accepted, you’ll receive tikki’s specialized software that has been designed to be accessible and easy for anyone to use.

tikki’s resellers will then receive an allocated commission based on each minute used to call by his/her customers.

We view our resellers as our global representatives, giving them access to a mutually beneficial business model that can offer endless advantages to you.

If you’d like to become a reseller, click on the button below to fill out the request form.

We look forward to working with you.

Become a tikki reseller
Thinking of becoming a tikki reseller? Just fill out the request form below. A tikki representative will get back to you once your request is processed.