Your Virtual Number (Coming Soon)


What is a Virtual Number?

Tikki gives you the option of choosing a personal virtual number, also known as a DDI, from anywhere in the world, allowing those that call you from that location to do so at local rates. So for example, if you live in India, but you have clients in London, you can purchase a virtual UK number they can call you on for nothing more than a local call. If you choose to call your clients from your virtual number you will be charged from your personal credit account.

Additionally, a virtual number puts you in control of which number shows up on the receiver's caller ID. By default, it will be your main phone number, but you can choose for it to appear as any of the virtual numbers you have purchased. This gives you additional privacy and helps you organize your contacts, business and personal, whichever way you like.

Why do I need a Virtual Number?

You don’t necessarily need a virtual number, but it does have its benefits. From a professional point of view, if you are traveling or want to conduct business remotely but would prefer your clients not know that, a virtual number can give you the appearance you’re looking for. From a personal point of view, your virtual number will keep your personal number private, if you prefer your caller not have it registered as a contact.