Blocking numbers and texts features

Posted on December 3, 2017 8:03

Using our Tikki service will provide you with access to much quicker, more flexible and more affordable communications solutions, from free Tikki-to-Tikki calls to the use of multiple virtual numbers and call forwarding services. However, Tikki also provides basic services that you've come to expect from your communications providers, including the ability to block numbers and texts.

The Use of Caller ID

First of all, Tikki makes it easy to control who you talk to by allowing you to see who is calling or texting you. Besides being able to see who you are calling or texting as well as who is calling or texting you, you are able to control your own caller ID.

You can customize your caller ID in the settings tab of the Tikki app so that your caller ID shows up. You can also choose to have your virtual number show up instead or to keep your caller ID private. 

Additionally, you will be able to easily block calls that you do not want to receive. Caller ID makes it easy to see who is calling or texting you and whether you want to block them or not. When they're blocked, you will not receive their calls or texts. You can easily unblock them as well.

Texting With Tikki

Tikki's texting capabilities are very similar to other providers. One of the perks of using our texting service is that you can text in any language and can even choose to text in a non-Latin script, such as Arabic. Just keep in mind that when you are texting using Latin-based characters, you are usually limited to 160 characters per text. If you're using a non-latin script, you will be limited to 70 characters.

Find out more about our Caller ID and texting features as well about the ability to block numbers and texts by contacting us at tikki today.