Call Forwarding Facilities

Posted on December 3, 2017 8:03

Our Tikki app offers great benefits, whether it's used for personal use or business use. In fact, individuals or companies that do business overseas will greatly appreciate our International calls forwarding service.

International Calls Forwarding

If you're doing business in another country, then setting up a physical call center is not only inconvenient but often simply impossible due to a lack of resources. It's in cases such as these that having a communications service that provides international calls forwarding can be extremely beneficial.

Here at Tikki, we allow our users to set up a virtual number in any country in the world. This virtual number will allow clients or business associates to contact you at local rates, thereby allowing them to bypass the need to pay for expensive international rates, almost as if you had a physical call center located in their country.

It's also worth noting that even if you had the resources to set up a physical call center, there are some countries out there in which you may be looking to do business in that simply don't have a solid infrastructure in place and where electrical grids and phone lines are unreliable. In cases such as these, having virtual numbers that you can be reached at can be a real life safer.

Our international calls forwarding system will make it much easier for clients and partners (or potential clients and partners) to get into contact with you. What's even more helpful is the fact that we allow our users to set up as many virtual numbers as they want. This can be hugely advantageous for small companies or entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business to multiple locations around the world.

For more information about how virtual numbers can benefit you or about our international calls forwarding service in general, be sure to contact us at tikki today.