Cheap International Calls

Posted on December 13, 2017 13:23

One of the biggest advantages that our Tikki app has over traditional methods of communication is the affordability of our services. For example, users will find that we offer much cheaper international calls than other forms of long-distance communication.


First of all, Tikki offers high-quality, cheap international calls and messaging from anywhere to anywhere. In fact, if you are calling another Tikki user, your call will be free - no matter where they are or where you are calling from.


Secondly, Tikki allows you to set up numerous virtual numbers. You can base different virtual numbers in different countries. This, in turn, will allow callers from the country your virtual number is based in to call you at the price of a local call instead of having to incur high international fees.


Last, but not least, you can check our international rates for different countries on our site to find out exactly how cheap international calls will be. Additionally, our international rates are not only competitive, but they are based on where you are calling, not where you are calling from.