Provide international call free

Posted on December 3, 2017 8:03

Free international calls are not something that you expect out of any type of communication service or app. If you use your smartphone to call friends and relatives living in other countries, then you know how expensive those calls can get, and it's yet another reason why you should download our Tikki App.

The Cost of International Calls

The cost of making international calls varies from provider to provider. Some providers charge a set amount for every minute that you spend on the phone during an international call. Sometimes the costs fluctuate depending on the market. Other providers charge a monthly rate in return for providing international calls at a discounted rate. Even then, these rates often only apply to certain countries. 

If you have friends, relatives or even business partners that are located in another country, these international calls can add up and become extremely expensive.

Take Advantage of Free International Calls

So how is Tikki different? First of all, Tikki offers more competitive rates than other providers. But they also allow you to set up virtual numbers. These virtual numbers can be set up for different countries. One of the big advantages to this, besides the fact that you can have several different phone numbers to your name, is that anyone that calls you from that country will not have to pay for international rates.

For example, if you base your virtual number out of Germany, then people in Germany that want to call you won't have to worry about high international costs. However, this isn't the only way that you can cut down on your international call costs.

If you are using the Tikki app to make calls, then you'll be able to call anyone else using Tikki for free. This means that if you need to call anyone in a different country using the Tikki app and they are using the Tikki app as well, then neither of you will have to worry about paying additional international rates. Basically, you'll be able to take advantage of free international calls! 

Find out more about how you can take advantage of free international calls as well as about the many other benefits of using our app by contacting us at tikki today.